Fabulous Vodka Cocktails and Recipes


Caralicious Caramel and Vodka

  • On the rocks, a generous measure of Caralicious over ice.
  • Cara-Mac, a double Caralicious topped with Ginger Wine.
  • Dark and Sticky, a double Caralicious on ice, topped with Ginger Ale and a slice of lime.
  • Over the Top, a double Caralicious topped with single cream, served on ice.
  • Caramilky, a shot of Caralicious on ice, topped with milk.
  • Coffeelicious, a hot coffee with a shot of Caralicious.
  • Bananalicious, put a banana in a blender with 2 shots of Caralicious, add milk and blend until frothy.

Perivale Dry Gin

  • Use chilled Perivale Dry gin with a hint of Vermouth and a cocktail cherry to make the perfect Martini.
  • Add one third Perivale Dry Gin to two thirds of good tonic (we advise Fever Tree tonic or Q Tonic) ice and a slice of Lemon or Lime, for the perfect G & T.
  • Add a generous shot of Perivale Dry Gin to Cranberry juice and ice for a refreshing long summer drink.

Krol Kazimiersz Potato Vodka

  • Drink from the fridge, over ice, with a slice of Lime or Lemon. Perfect!
  • Mix with good fruit juices, Cranberry, Orange etc, add lemonade, for a great long refreshing summer drink.


Caralicious Caramel and Vodka

  • Add a shot of Caralicious to the apple before adding the crumble, then cook in the usual way.
  • When making Bread and Butter pudding lace the bread (or Brioche) with Caralicious before cooking, it's delicious.
  • Add Caralicious to porrige.
  • Pour over Ice Cream, the perfect adult ice cream topping.
  • Pour over fresh fruit salad, or over slices of melon.
  • Add to double cream, whip until firm, dip in fresh fruit, squares of sponge cake, marshmallows etc.
  • Serve Caralicious as an alternative to Port at the end of a meal.
  • Mix Caralicious with unsalted butter and caster sugar, use instead of brandy butter on mince pies, Christmas pudding, etc.
  • Use instead of coffee liqueur in Tiramisu, or instead of Sherry in Trifle.

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I have Carolicious in my hip flask and on the golf course and it's a welcome warmer when the climate isn't so friendly.

J from Maidenhead