Our Drinks

All of The Fabulous Vodka company's drinks are made without compromise, using the finest ingredients and the best methods and practises. Our products are rigorously tested and tasted to ensure the highest quality and best taste. Our commitment to you is that we will not sell something that we wouldn't drink ourselves. The Fabulous Vodka Company encourages sensible drinking.

  • Caralicious Caramel and Vodka Caralicious Caramel and Vodka

    Caralicious is a blend of natural caramel and finest vodka, and although originally designed to be an after dinner liqueur, it has proven to be extremely versatile.

  • Perivale Dry Gin Perivale Dry Gin

    Perivale Dry is a full strength gin, specifically developed to make the perfect gin and tonic, which for me equates to one third Perivale Dry Gin, two thirds good fresh Indian tonic water, ice and a slice of lemon or lime.

  • Krol Kazimiersz Potato Vodka Krol Kazimiersz Potato Vodka

    Krol Kazimiersz Vodka is distilled in Poland from potatoes, it is brought to England by tanker at high strength (96% alcohol) where we blend it, reduce its strength and turn it into the finest vodka in the UK.

  • Oak Aged Vodka Cask One Oak Aged Vodka Cask One

    Fabulous recently released "Cask One" vodka. We were confident that it would be well received, but we’re staggered at the response to it! Unfortunately we have now run out of "Cask One", so keep an eye out for news on "Cask Two".

  • Xerot Premium Vodka Xerot Premium Vodka

    Called Xerot, (pronounced Hero) our new vodka is the best pure grain vodka I've tried. There are strictly limited quantities of Xerot, so it will not be here for long!

  • O2 Sparkling Vodka O2 Sparkling Vodka

    This is the ultimate party vodka. The bubbles in the vodka mean you receive the alcohol hit earlier than a still vodka, resulting in you drinking less before you realise that you've had too much.

  • Oak Aged Vodka Cask Two Oak Aged Vodka Cask Two

    Cask Two has been aged in a dark rum cask. It is very soft and delicate, there is a hint of cinnamon and cake fruit, actually a bit reminiscent of Christmas cake.

  • Fabulous Hot Chilli Vodka Fabulous Hot Chilli Vodka

    Fabulous Hot Chilli Vodka is a premium vodka enhanced with fresh chilli. We used Birdseye and Scotch Bonnet chillies to create a super smooth, HOT vodka that is surprisingly drinkable as a shot but comes into its own when used in cocktails.

  • Fabulous Anise Gin Fabulous Anise Gin

    Fabulous Anise Gin is our latest product, it is made using a premium London Dry Gin Recipe which is then added to a sweet Star Anise syrup that is hand made by The Fabulous Vodka Company.

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I have Carolicious in my hip flask and on the golf course and it's a welcome warmer when the climate isn't so friendly.

J from Maidenhead