Looking to Buy Vodka? Want a Great, Artisan Bottle of Vodka That Will Impress Your Friends?

Look no further than Fabulous Vodka.

Fabulous Vodka delivers on it's promise of unique spirits that pique the taste buds. A favourite of people who know what it means to own a good bottle of vodka, to buy vodka from Fabulous Vodka initiates you into a world of discerning taste.

The Fabulous line of bottles of vodka is expertly designed by Chris Spiller, a much respected name in spirits. Instead of focusing on a wide range of spirits, Chris' intuition, sharpened by 15 years helping other spirit brands sell their products, pointed him to develop a small line of vodkas, each with a fully developed, expertly crafted flavor profile. To buy vodka from this line of top liquors is to buy a handcrafted bottle of excellence.

Buy Vodka - Caralicious

For those looking to buy a sweeter bottle of vodka, start with Caralicious, a blend of natural caramel and the finest vodka. It was originally crafted to be an after dinner drink, but through the input of many happy customers, it's versatility has been recognized. Try Caralicious in a cup of tea or coffee, or whipped with cream for a luscious dessert topping.

Buy Vodka - Caralicious

Buy Vodka - Krol Kazimiersz Potato Vodka

For the true vodka connoisseur, start with a bottle of Krol Kazimiersz Potato Vodka. This polish vodka is amongst the finest in England, and rivals the flavors and textures of the best brands on shelves, most costing two to three times as much. A bottle of vodka like Krol Kazimiersz is the kind of spirit that shines brightest poured simply over ice, or shaken into a martini.

Buy Vodka - Krol Kazimiersz Potato Vodka

Buy Vodka - Oak Aged Vodka Cask One

A bottle of vodka like the oak aged vodka cask one is a special treat. A non-traditional approach to vodka, this bottle of vodka is aged in oak casks to give it a soft vanilla touch, and absolutely no burn. At room temperature, there is a hint of the rich spiciness of whisky that's reminiscent of fresh green apples.

Buy Vodka - Oak Aged Vodka Cask One

For those who might want a bottle of gin in addition to a bottle of vodka, we also have our own line of gin, Perivale Gin, engineered to be the perfect base for the classic Gin and Tonic.

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I took a bottle to a dinner party with friends, and it made a great change as an after dinner liqueur, it is truly 'Fabulous'.

D from Marlow