Krol Kazimiersz Potato Vodka

Krol Kazimiersz Potato Vodka 22.00

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Krol Kazimiersz Vodka is distilled in Poland from potatoes, it is brought to England by tanker at high strength (96% alcohol) where we blend it, reduce its strength and turn it into the finest vodka in the UK. The strength (40%) was chosen to allow Krol Kazimiersz to be drunk neat straight from the fridge, and to allow us to price the vodka at its current level, without the government taking too much by way of duty. In my 15 years working in the spirit industry Krol Kazimiersz is the finest vodka that I have come across, it compares favourably with vodkas costing 2 or 3 times as much money, which is why I had to bottle it.

Volume: 70cl
Strength: 40%

Unfortunately we have now run out of Krol Kazimiersz Potato Vodka.

Tasting Note

Aroma: Neutral and clean, slight spiritiness.

Taste: Again neutral and clean but with a delicious softness, which is reminiscent of vanilla, but without any vanilla flavour. A short neatral finish, with no hint of harshness or burn, also no nasal burn.

Krol Kazimiersz is perfect straight from the fridge, over ice, with a slice of lime or lemon. It is also perfect for use in sophisticated cocktails, or with fruit juice, tonic, or lemonade.

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I took a bottle to a dinner party with friends, and it made a great change as an after dinner liqueur, it is truly 'Fabulous'.

D from Marlow

Krol Kazimiersz Potato Vodka