Caralicious Caramel and Vodka

Caralicious Caramel and Vodka 22.00

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Caralicious is a blend of natural caramel and finest vodka, and although originally designed to be an after dinner liqueur, it has proven to be extremely versatile. Caralicious can be mixed with a number of different drinks, for example Ginger wine or cordial, coffee, hot chocolate, pineapple juice, cold (or hot) milk, lemonade or coke etc. It is also easy and versatile to cook with, it is fabulous on icecream, pancakes, waffles etc, but also makes a great trifle, tiramisu, or bread and butter pudding. It can also be added to double cream and whipped until almost firm and used as a dip for strawberries, biscuits, cake etc.

Volume: 70cl
Strength: 25%

Unfortunately we have now run out of Caralicious Caramel and Vodka.

History of Caralicious Caramel and Vodka

Caralicious was the first Fabulous Vodka Company product, it is the result of a years development and testing work. The development took a long time as I had to find a caramel supplier who could come up with a caramel that would not go cloudy or split when in alcohol, for many caramel companies this was too difficult, but in the end I found a company who created the right caramel from a blend of different natural sugars. It was then a case of getting the right vodka, at the right strength and then creating samples and testing them with our extensive and dedicated tasting panel to achieve the finished product. I realise that I’m lucky to find so many people who are willing help with this arduous task.

Tasting Note

Aroma: Sweet soft brown sugar. Slight burnt characteristic with a bit of a nip from the vodka. Hints of cinder toffee and coffee.

Taste: Natural Caramel, well balanced alcohol just enough to be warming and give a kick. Maybe a hint of almond and coffee, but really just like the base of a cream caramel dessert.

The simple caramel / sugar flavour of Caralicious lends itself to so many different uses that I can’t list them all, I get so many suggestions from customers and members of the public that I could write a book, I was recently on a skiing holiday when for breakfast most mornings we had porridge laced with Caralicious, it was excellent!

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I have Carolicious in my hip flask and on the golf course and it's a welcome warmer when the climate isn't so friendly.

J from Maidenhead

Caralicious Caramel and Vodka