Fabulous and the Gingerline Siberian Circus

Fabulous Vodka recently supported a very successuful Siberian Circus styled pop-up restaurant run by Gingerline.

Email of Appreciation

Gingerline wrote - "The event at the weekend went fantastically well and we're getting RAVE reviews from guests and journalists alike. Your vodka went down an absolute treat! Hats off to you - it really is the nicest vodka I've ever had!... A HUGE THANK YOU!! Really thank you very much for getting involved and donating your stock - we hope you get lots more sales - we'll definitely be recommending you to all of our friends."

Press Release

Three nights at the big top: Gingerline impress with their Siberian Circus styled pop-up restaurant

Gingerline, London's only nomadic pop-up restaurant and arts space has just blown the big top off the pop-up format with its latest dining adventure (21,22 & 23 January) on the East London Line. Drawing inspiration from Angela Carter's Nights at the Circus and collaborating with Mel Wilson of Prangsta Costumiers, the Gingerline team led their unsuspecting guests to a space resembling an acid-addled trapezeartist's boudoir in the hinterland of New Cross Gate. There they enjoyed a hearty Siberian themed menu with lashings of vodka from The Fabulous Vodka Company.

Bookings for the three-night event were limited and highly sought after, though are not for the faint hearted. Laden with mystery and intrigue and always somewhere on the East London Line, the Gingerliners only reveal the location 60 minutes before the doors open. Guests know nothing of the contributing artists or culinary theme until they arrive.

'These evenings are for the spontaneous and adventurous. If you like to know what wine to bring, what clothes to wear and who you'll be sitting next to, then perhaps this isn't for you', says founder Susannah Mountfort, 'Each event, like the location, is completely different so guests can come to more than one and still not know what to expect'.

Working with local talents like Wilson, the team create a unique art-space to dine in. This time, the Gingerliners created a "backstage at the circus" aesthetic. It's the attention to detail that really impresses the guests - even the newspaper covering the tables was a specially designed artwork, translated into Russian and incorporating Carter quotes and collaborator stories. The project's unique alchemy of food and art is epitomised by the take-home menu piece; a limited edition print which also acts as the evening's menu. Past collaborators, include Alicia Casper and Emli Bendixen, with their most recent menu-art (view here) designed and hand-printed on fabric by Gingerliner, Syd Hausmann .

Special guest, Steve Tymuk - an accordion player for The Ukranians - gave a rousing Soviet-style temper to match the food. Cooks Mountfort and Sarah Jennesen, surprised guests with wild boar pelmeni (Russian dumplings) on abarberry salad followed by venison goulash with chorizo and chocolate. The meal was finished with a spice poached toffee apple, candied walnuts and ice-cream. With guests left speechless and their

Facebook site awash with glowing praise, the Gingerline team can relax knowing they doused in vodka and flambéed any lingering post-Christmas woes. The question is what and where will they do next?



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I took a bottle to a dinner party with friends, and it made a great change as an after dinner liqueur, it is truly 'Fabulous'.

D from Marlow