New Vodka coming, Fabulous are developing a new concept in vodka.

Vodka is usually a non-aged spirit, but the new Cask One vodka from The Fabulous Vodka Company is aged in an Oak cask.

The cask used previously held a prestigious organic highland single malt whisky. The cask has given the vodka a delicate pale straw colour, and a delicious soft oaky taste with more than a hint of vanilla, the aroma is spiritous with a touch of pepperiness and subtle sweetness.

This is a serious, full strength vodka, slightly reminiscent of whisky, but not harsh in any way. It is lovely as an alternative to whisky or straight vodka, great on ice, or as a cocktail ingredient. Cask One Vodka will be a very limited release of just 300 bottles, as that's all the cask would hold. Cask Two will be announced when we've found an acceptable cask, possibly an ex Rum or Cognac cask.

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I have Carolicious in my hip flask and on the golf course and it's a welcome warmer when the climate isn't so friendly.

J from Maidenhead