Perivale Dry Gin

Perivale Dry Gin 24.00

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Perivale Dry is a full strength gin, specifically developed to make the perfect gin and tonic, which for me equates to one third Perivale Dry Gin, two thirds good fresh Indian tonic water, ice and a slice of lemon or lime. Perivale Dry is also perfect as a base for cocktails, especially the Martini, the subtlety of the gin flavours allow the use of more gin, giving greater strength without overpowering the other ingredients.

Volume: 70cl
Strength: 40%

Unfortunately we have now run out of Perivale Dry Gin.

History of Perivale Dry Gin

Perivale Dry Gin was developed and distilled by me to be a more subtle and delicate gin in the traditional London Dry style. It has only 5 "botanicals" or flavouring ingredients, these are, juniper berries, coriander seed, angelica root, orange peel and lemon peel. Many of the modern "boutique" gins have in excess of 10 botanicals, making them very pungent and perfumed. The Botanicals are put into the still with the pure grain spirit and left to steep overnight; this is then distilled, with the first portion (the heads) containing the higher alcohols, being run off. The next part (the heart) is the cut that is made into the gin and it contains all the light delicate flavours and runs down to the bass notes that give the gin its depth and weight. Then as the flavours run into much heavier boiled vegatable notes the third cut (the tails) is run of to join the first cut for re-distillation in the next batch. The art of gin distillation is to get the cuts in the right place to get the most from the botanicals and the spirit.

Tasting Note

Aroma: Dry and junipery, with light spiciness and subtle citrus notes.

Taste: Dry, smooth and gentle, juniper dominates, supported by warm spiciness from the corriander, then the citrus notes come through to give a freshness and a zing. A long finish is dominated by juniper.

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I was really stuck for a present idea for a colleague when I saw your stand at the Marlow Show, your Carolicious went down brilliantly and I know they have re-ordered from you as they love it!

P from London

Perivale Dry Gin