O2 Sparkling Vodka

O2 Sparkling Vodka 25.00

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This is the ultimate party vodka. It was originally made for the US market but never made the boat, so we have now been given the opportunity to sell it. At the time of inception it was the first carbonated vodka in the world. We only have a short supply of this premium sparkling vodka and it will not be available again once this small stock has gone.

The bubbles in the vodka mean you receive the alcohol hit earlier than a still vodka, resulting in you drinking less before you realise that you've had too much. The fizz will obviously not last forever so this is best used at parties where you are drinking vodka with a group of friends. Store in the freezer to help retain the fizz.

Volume: 75cl
Strength: 40%

Unfortunately we have now run out of O2 Sparkling Vodka.

Drinking Note

This sparkling vodka is excellent with mixers that are not sparkling already. Forget coke, mix with a good fruit juice such as freshly squeezed orange juice. It is also excellent served ice cold with a martini.

This is still a great vodka when the bubbles have gone. Please don't try to put the bubbles back using a soda stream - you really will end up in a vodka-y mess.

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I have Carolicious in my hip flask and on the golf course and it's a welcome warmer when the climate isn't so friendly.

J from Maidenhead

O2 Sparkling Vodka